Send Bulk Emails With Code Sage Mail

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Code Sage Mail is a professional email marketing software that allows you to create and send your own bulk emails easily! You can send emails out to thousands of people for as little as $30 for our entry level package.

Code Sage Mail comes with a host of features to make prospecting for new emails to add to your database easy. It will integrate with your Facebook Page allowing you to solicit for the emails of your Facebook fans. It will also integrate with your website which will allow you to gather the emails of your website visitors.

Creating emails with Code Sage Mail is absolutely a breeze! It has an easy to use drag and drop template editor which allows you to build professional looking emails in no time. This requires zero technical skills to do and you save a lot of money here by cutting out the graphics designer.

But there's more! Code Sage Mail comes with detailed analytics which tracks how many people opened your mail, how many people clicked it and the number of emails that bounced. This helps you improve over time and track your email marketing success rate.

Code Sage Mail has just added a new automation tool that allows you to send automated responses to customers that add their emails to your database. This is a powerful email marketing strategy called lead nurturing which helps to boost your success in converting leads into paying customers.

Email marketing is of course a valuable tool to use in a business to maintain customer relationships, encourage repeat business and protect for new customers. But why would you use Code Sage Mail instead of other competing software? We have three reasons:

1. When you signup to use Code Sage Mail, you are eligible for email marketing training which will greatly improve the chances of your email marketing success.

2. We provide you with valuable 24/7 support to help you with whatever queries you might have.

3. In the long run, we are cheaper! With expert guidance and support you avoid your corporate emails being added to spam and black lists because of poorly designed emails.

Consult with us for more information on how you can open your own Code Sage Mail account!