How to Prevent your Email Marketing from becoming Spam

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Email marketing still remains one of the most cost effective online techniques to promote your business. However, with the proliferation of spam, ISPs like Gmail and Yahoo Mail have become smarter in protecting their clients against abuse. That's a good thing of course but it comes with the downside in that your email marketing runs the risk of being identified as spam if you are not careful. So what must a marketing executive do to prevent their emails from getting into spam mail?

Watch the Keywords You Use

Certain keywords like free or promotion when used in the subject line are able to trigger off spam filters so try and avoid using them.

Do Not Use Too Many Links

Spam filters are particularly wary about links. Try and avoid using too many links in your email body content because that's a sure way to get them riled up.

Balance Image with Copy

Another scenario that can make your emails look spammy is if you use too many images with very little copy. Using one big image or many images with very little copy is not a good idea. Sometimes it might be a good idea to minimize the use of images because 50% of email clients will not display images by default.

Use a Valid Reply To Address

Avoid using no reply email addresses like because some ISPs consider this spammy. Use a real email address for your reply to address.

Use the Same From Details with Your Emails

This should give you an idea of how intelligent email spam filters are. When sending your emails they do keep track of your From details so keep them consistent.

Get Authenticated

This is slightly more complicated and a tad more technical than the other points we have listed. Basically, ISPs use one or combination of three ways to authenticate emails and these are SenderID, DKIM and SPF. Get yourself authenticated for all these standards.

We have just covered a good deal of detail on how to avoid your email getting into spam. Whilst this list is not exhaustive it does cover a great amount of ground on getting your emails to look legitimate in front of email spam filters.