Case Study of Goldtech Electronics
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How Goldtech Electronics Improved Sales with Search Engine Optimization

Goldtech Electronics is a premium electronics retail store with branches in Harare and Mutare. Since its inception, Goldtech has had the mission to become the leading supplier of electronics. In a cut throat industry, Goldtech Electronics has positioned itself well as a reliable supplier of orignial and high quality products and it has levergaed its brand image on the back of intelligent advertising. Seeking further competitive advantage, Goldtech made the smart shocie in utilizing a method of advertising its competitiors were not using - digital media marketing.

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To increase the website traffic of the Goldtech website with personas that match their target audience.


  • Research long-tail and short-tail keywords, their level of traffic, competition and relevance to Goldtech Electronics.
  • Consult with the Goldtech Electronics website team to optimize content.
  • Build links using a white hat methodology.
  • Optimize the on-page factors of the Goldtech website such as meta-title, meta description and so on.


  • 110% increase in emails requesting for Goldtech Electronics products.
  • Goldtech Electronics the best ranked electronics website in the Google Zimbabwe search engine.
  • Increase in sales.