Code Sage Bulk Email Marketing App
Email Marketing thats Wins Customers

Code Sage Email is our bulk email marketing web application that allows you to build and deliver stunning email marketing campaigns on your own. You can use it to inform your current customers, nurture leads and attract more business.

  • Build custom graphic emails with our easy template editor
  • Optimize delivery with the spam check before you send
  • Group subscriber lists e.g new customers, leads, suppliers
  • Send your emails in mass at a click of a button
  • Get feedback of how many people opened your email
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Send Beautifully Designed Emails

Our email marketing application will allow you to build and design your own email graphics easily without any need for technical knowledge. Our easy template editor will allow you to design newsletter emails, product catalogs, customer surveys, promotions and more at professional standards of quality. You can also add social media plugins like the Facebook like button to increase your social media fan base or links to relevant sections of your website. All your emails do not come branded with our company's details which will really help increase your brand rep.

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Send Your Emails in Mass

It does not matter how many people you want to reach out to, our web application will handle hundreds of thousands of subscribers. You can easily import and build your database of subscribers which might be customers who have just bought a product from you, leads you obtained from your website's landing pages, respondents to a promotion you had and pretty much anybody else. You can group your subscribers into relevant categories to maintain different campaigns based on things like their income and demograhpics. This will ensure your campaigns are relevant to who you are sending them to and increase your overall enagagement rate. You can add automatic personlization with each email such as a first name in the greeting of the main email content making your customers feel this was not some mass email campaign.

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Increase Performance with Analytics

Get rid of the stress of wondering how many people received your email and how many bounced. Our email marketing application will allow to check how many people viewed your email, how many bounced, how many arrived normally and even how many ended up as spam. This will allow you to improve your email campaign with the next time you send by looking at what went wrong and improving content to get more of your customers to open your emails. Avoid the threat of your emails ending up as spam, you can check before sending how your emails will end up giving you a chance to improve your your deilvery rates.

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Details Basic Plan Unlimited Plan
0 to 500 subscribers $30 per month limited to 2500 emails $55 per month unlimited
501 to 2500 subscribers $60 per month limited to 12500 emails $90 per month unlimited
2501 to 5000 subscribers $90 per month limited to 25000 emails $150 per month unlimited
5001 to 10000 subscribers $180 per month limited to 50000 emails $260 per month unlimited
10001 to 15000 subscribers $220 per month limited to 75000 emails $320 per month unlimited