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content marketing
What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation of unique content for your company. Companies that create custom content usually get 70% more online engagement than those that don't. A wide variety of ways exsist for a company to package and market custom content including blogs, vlogs, white papers etc and the list keeps growing. Just recently, video infograms were announced to the world. Each content marketing method will be appropriate in different ways depending on whether you are a B2B or B2C comapny and the type of industry you are in. Of course, you would usually leave the recommnedations of the appropriate content marketing methods up to seasoned and professioanl digital media marketing experts so you don't have to worry too much about what works and what doesn't.

How does it work?

Content Marketing is not just creating content for the sake of it. It actually belongs to the segments of attracting clients and retaining them in the inbound marketing funnel. Therefore, it has to be packaged and delivered in the right way and by this we mean content marketing more often than not relies upon other digital marketing methods to be truly successful. As we are an integrated digital media marketing agency, that's no problem for any of our clients. We are not just good at other digital media marketing methods but we excel at them, constantly updating ourselves with whatever new things the world has to offer. That's peace of mind knowing you won't ever have to concern yourself with working between more than one agency for the sake of keeping your campaign relevant.

Why Should I have it?

If you are a marketing executive and you have flown a TV commercial or a newspaper ad in the past, wasn't the one thing that bothered you that people just weren't going to get the full picture of what you are all about? There's so much history, expertise, recent events that you would like to share with prospective clients because truly if they were in the position of sitting down to hear you out you are more likely to win them over. Content Marketing solves just that. Here, you get to show off everything about your company which wins brand reputation for your company. Here you have the chance to stand out from your competitors in a way that doesn't even look like advertising and gain the confidence of everyone out there.

Why should I choose Code Sage for this?

As mentioned, Code Sage Technology is an integrated digital media marketing agency and Content Marketing more often than not relies on other digital media marketing methods to truly be successful. However, you'll also have to worry about all the graphics editing, copywriting, motion animation (in some cases) that's also needed since after all, Content Marketing is all about creating custom content. Code Sage comes to the rescue of our clients by housing all those skills, a very unique and rare combination you won't find too often. Besides, we couldn't really let you off to get the graphics done only to have you return with something that really damages everything. We like to see quality in everything we do and for that reason we'd rather do it for you.

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