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How Custom Short URLs help Improve your Brand

Using short URLs from is fair and fine, but when it comes to pushing your brand awareness further then a short URL can really do wonders....

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Code Sage Introduces its Short Link Application

Code Sage is proud to announce its short link application. This is a free application to shorten any URL which is especially useful for email and social media marketing....

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Why Most Email Marketing Fails

The idea behind mass email marketing might make sense. Send a couple thousand emails to people who never opted to receive them what harm is there in that? The problem with mass email marketing is that it is the very protagonist of spam laws world over. According to Return Path, 70% of all marketing ...

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Google Introduces a New Layout for Search Results

Google have been on quite a roll - they changed their search algorithm, they changed how YouTube and Google Plus will work together and now they have changed the layout of search results! In this article, we take a look at the new Google layout design....

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3 Myths About Digital Media Marketing

The word digital media marketing has taken on a whole range of meanings and definitions. With this have come myths about what it is really all about. In this article we look at 3 myths about digital media marketing that every marketing executive should know are simply not true....

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