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Code Sage Email Marketing App

Email Marketing thats Wins Customers

Code Sage Email is our web application that allows you to build and deliver stunning email marketing campaigns. You can use it to inform your current customers, nurture leads and attract more business. This application will easily allow you to send bulk email to thousands of people and companies at just a click of a button. You can build your emails with our easy to use template editor and deliver some very exciting designs that will impress your customers. We remove the stress of worrying about whether your email was opened or not by providing detailed analytics of who engaged with your email and who did not.

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Code Sage Short Link App

Aesthetic Links that Create Greater Engagement

Code Sage Short Links will allow you to shorten any URL or website link. The benefits if short links is that they lead to greater engagement, are shared more often because they are easy to mention and remember and they are useful in email marketing in that they do not trigger spam filters as easily as long links. Our short links use permananet 302 redirect which means they are still perfect for SEO so you do not have to worry about your search engine rankings. And for companies wishing to have their own branded short links we allow access to your short link engine for this purpose.

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